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Noemi Sangiunetti born in 1950 in Buenos Aires, where she studied at the Art Academy, Sanguinetti is basically a sculptor, though she is also a successful painter and ceramist. After trying different materials for several years, she came to know and love marble and choose it as her favourite material, and a great master, Ramon Castejon (pupil of Maioll and Clarà), taught her the technique of point work and use of the golden compass in the transition from rough draft to work of art.
Over the years her creative career has developed in the direction of a number of different themes: heads, busts, torsos, “maternities” and couples, putting to good use her study of drawing with Aurelio Macchi and modelling with Alberto Balietti.
She has exhibited her works since 1972 and has held numerous solo shows in Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Cuba, Germany, Austria, France and Italy.
She has been invited to participate in shows and produce works in Havana, Barcelona, Frankfurt, and, last but not least, participated in a show which just closed in Brera, where her works were exhibited alongside those of Manzù, Messina, Minguzzi, Pomodoro and Vangi.
Over time she has left behind her everything she has learned, but this doesn’t make her feel lighter. She sees today’s sculptures as a new starting point in her artistic career, but they are also the product of all those previous times, linked with her life of wandering and her story.
She came to Italy to answer the call of the marble and the workshops of Carrara, where she worked with Carlo Nicoli, but above all of Liguria, the land her grandparents left to emigrate to Argentina in the late nineteenth century.
She has lived in Savona since ‘94, where she worked with Rinaldo Rotta for many years and where her work is much appreciated, as demonstrated by the many exhibitions she has held and the fact that her works are present in numerous Ligurian towns, from Badalucco to Varazze.

Noemi Sangiunetti
abita a Savona, Italia da qualche tempo. Divide il suo mondo artistico tra Italia e Miami USA. E’ nata a Buenos Aires nel 1950 e ha studiato all’ Accademia d’Arte.
Scultrice, si è formata sotto la guida dei grandi maestri Alberto Balletti, Ramon Castejòn e Aurelio Macchi; in Italia ha lavorato nel laboratorio di C. Nicoli a Carrara. Espone  dal 1972; ha tenuto moltissime personali in Argentina, Brasile, Stati Uniti, Cuba, Germania, Austria, Francia e Italia.

Opere pubbliche: Varazze (SV): passeggiata al mare , Cosseria (SV) Piazza del Comune, Carcare (SV) : giardini Comunali , Vado Ligure (SV): giardini del Porto , Finale Ligure (SV): giardini di Finalmarina , Badalucco (SV) : Piazza del Comune.

Alcuni momenti importanti della sua carriera:
1972 Museo General San Martin Bs. As. Argentina.
1975 Galleria Lirolay Bs.As.
1981 Società italiana Bs.As.
1985 Galleria Gala Bs.As.
1989 Deutsche Bank Bs.As.
1990 Galleria 37 Francoforte, Germania.
1992 Galleria Fenix-FineArt. MiamiU.S.A.-
1992 U.N.E.S.C.O.ManzanadelasLuces Bs.As.
1993 Galleria Free&Free Florida U.S.A.
1994 Museo  Arte Moderna,Puntadel Est Uruguay
1994 Galleria Belmarco,  Paraguay.
1995 Galleria della Tartaruga, Roma. –
1995 Encuentro Biennal de Serigrafia Renè Portocarrero, Cuba. –
1995 Miami Arte Fiera. -Galeria Sisley Bs. As. Argentina en EEUU
1995 aei,uo Centro Culturale Recoleta Bs.As.
1996 Fiera di Bologna Galleria Rotta.
1997 Ars Italica Milano.
1998 Galleria R. Rotta, Genova.
1999 Galleria Quintocortile, Milano.
2000 Galleria Antiquario, Tarragona Catalunya, Spagna
2002 Spazio Cultura di Milena Milani, Cortina d’Ampezzo –
2002 Galleria Anquin’s Reus Catalunya, Spagna
2003 Fiera di Parma. Galleria Trasvisionismo,Fiera di Francoforte, Germania.
2004 Galleria d’Arte Dremshine, Germania – Galleria Eleutheros, Albissola – Permanente Milano, galleria Copernico
2005 Studio Fontana, Albissola Mare –
2005 Permanente di Milano Studio Copernico.
2006 Galleria Eleutheros, Albissola
2006 Galerie Art’ Miss , Parigi.
2007 Blu di Prussia, Albissola.
2007 Studio Fontana, Pozzo Garitta Albissola.
2007 Galerie Art’ Miss, Parigi. / Galleria Transvisionismo, Piacenza. /
2007 Museo della Scultura Casal Beltrame (No) /
2007 Kunst-Schafferer, Austria.
2008 Galleria Art Mondo – Brera, Milano – Giardino permanente
2009 Chiostro Santa Caterina Finalborgo Finale Ligure
2009 Chiostro Santo Agostino Pietietrasanta . Luca
2009 Mostra Internazionale Basilea- Svizzera
2010 Mostra Internazionale Koblenza- Germania
2010 Galleria San Lorenzo Palazzo Ducale- Genova
2010 Galleria Trasvisionismo Castell’Arquato- Piacenza
2011 Galeria Mondo Art Gallery Brera- Milano
2011 Galleria Kavachnina Contemporany Miami EEUU
2012 Wynwood Art Galleria Kavachnina
2012 Galleria Kavachnina Contemporany
2012 Art Miami Kavachnina Contemporany